12 ways to turn licensing challenges into business opportunities


12 ways to turn licensing challenges into business opportunities

Gemalto, the world’s leader in monetization solutions, comes to Guadalajara to present their services.


Guadalajara, Jalisco, March 16, 2017- The Software Center opens its doors to receive the leading company in software monetization solutions. Nowadays there are 12 licensing challenges that software developers have to face and Gemalto proposes 12 solutions for each of them at the conference “Innovative Security and Licensing”.


Due to a proven trajectory of adapting to new needs and introducing new technologies to cope with changing market conditions, Gemalto has become the world leader in software monetization solutions and today arrived for the first time in Guadalajara, to present its portfolio of services, as well as the challenges that software developers and mobile devices manufacturers have to face.


In the current context of IT, the great growth of technology has connected everything, and users expect a faster implementation experience, they also want to be sure that their data will be fully protected. In the same way, they require access to the systems of the company at every moment, in any place and through mobile devices.


The opportunity for software manufacturers is to create an integral strategy that provides protection against theft and improper licensing, automation and access to relevant information at every moment. In addition, they must take advantage of the information that the Internet and the correct licensing technology have put in our hands to improve business intelligence and therefore, to provide a better user experience.


Source: IJALTI