It is an ideal space for companies in the Information Technology sector interested in being part of a High-Tech Ecosystem space.

It promotes the creation of a business environment in which companies complete commercial and technological strategic alliances, exploring niche markets, develop new products and services and promote entrepreneurship, innovation and technological development.


  • Reduces upfront investment costs.
  • 24/7 Services
  • Power Backup
  • Internet Triple Redundancy
  • Centralized services for operations
  • Common areas and multipurpose rooms
  • Networking




An ecosystem that promotes collaboration and innovation

During this time we have been in the CSW we have had the fortune to meet and work with many companies and entrepreneurs who are here, there have been generated bonds of very interesting and successful collaboration, they have also generated new ideas, some put into practice and others that were only in interesting innovative ideas.


Manuel Lopez MD @ BITTAM

Our company was among the first to settle in the CSW and since then the growth has been exponential.

We have been part of the CSW for the past 10 years, there is a big advantage being side by side with businesses, academic institutions and government institutions. Together we manage projects and businesses that otherwise would not have been impossible.

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Roberto García González MD @ Netcommerce

The CSW provides us with world-class infrastructure to provide global services.

The CSW and IJALTI were key factors for the rapid establishment of operations and accelerated growth. Not only was the support important but the CSW itself, as building has helped us to convey to our customers the certainty that we will deliver our services with quality.

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Guillermo Ortega Simon COO @ iTexico

The synergy of two giants make it possible: First HostDime data center in Mexico.

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Joel Isaac Ramírez Barba MD @ Hostdime

The CSW has been instrumental in business strategy from the conception of DW Software

As an active part of the ecosystem, DW Software took part in the generation of the concept that eventually led to the creation of the CSW, which reflects the type of organization that is attractive to global markets and has been part of our business strategy since 2001 .

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Guillermo Ortega Simon MD @ DW Software

A functional and consolidated environment

Being a part of the Centro del Software community has allowed for a greater impact on visitors and interested in the services of CANIETI; a positive impact on learning a consolidated cluster that allows opening of business and strengthening of local businesses.

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Oswaldo García Arana MD @ CANIETI


Strategically located, CSW is within the business area of the city with access to main roads, public transportation routes, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls; that make it easier the transfer and access of employees as well as products and services that complement the daily business activity.