Founded in 2006 under a model of co-investment between the public and private sector (Federal Government, State Goverment, CANIETI West Chapter,  IJALTI and sector’s entrepreneurs)

The objective of the CSW project was to have a physical environment that would allow the development and promotion of Jalisco’s Information Technology (IT) SMEs, to compete globally within a supportive and stable business ecosystem; to grow, evolve, and position themselves in the international market.

On September 28th, 2006 the CSW is inaugurated, positioning itself as the first IT Technology Park in Mexico offering world-class infrastructure for companies in our sector.

After 10 years after its creation, in its more than 10,000 m2, the CSW has 32 IT companies with more than 800 employees providing technology solutions and high-value services, generating synergies and alliances that allow them to showcase their capabilities and supply, as well as maximize the use of their resources.
The CSW is home to CANIETI West Chapter and IJALTI.


 THE CSW makes up an ecosystem of technology companies where they are offered a space with adequate and competitive infrastructure and services, in which companies and institutions do synergies and promote business.


  • Power backup

  • Internet Triple Redundancy

  • Centralized services for operations

  • Common areas and multipurpose rooms

  • Networking


Through a Plug & Play model, CSW provides companies the ability to start operations immediately, with availability of: 

  • Central Reception

  • Office furniture

  • IP switch and telephone lines

  • Reduntant voice and data service

  • Air conditioner

  • Security 24/7, controlled access and CCTV

  • Cleaning service

Our Vision

To be the benchmark for technological parks of the IT sector in Latin America, with international recognition for the quality of our services; strengthening the competitiveness of our clients in a cooperative environment; promoting Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Mission

We offer an ideal environment for IT companies established in Jalisco, becoming their strategic partners by enabling infrastructure and services that promote business continuity, cooperation, and its international business.


CSW provides spaces, constantly innovating to ensure that they are up to the needs required by the sector:

  • Lobby

  • Business Centre

  • Multipurpose rooms

  • Co-Working area

  • Auditorium

  • IoT Lab

  • WiFi

  • Nursing rooms

  • Dining Area

  • Restrooms



We maintain a high level of respect and integrity in everything we do, following the basis of our principles, values and beliefs.


Our orientation is towards providing an excellent service. We look after the interests and meet the needs of our customers, streamlining processes and delivering high quality results.


We establish our challenges by focusing on results with timely commitment.


We promote the common good implementing economically viable and ethically fair practices governed by criteria of social and environmental responsibility.    


Certified service processes that generate customer satisfaction to 91% in the provision and quality of services.

ISO 9001 – 2008

Guarantees our customers the approval of our processes and allows continuous evaluation and improvement of the results.

CRESE 2014

This standard governs the Human Quality and Social Responsibility Program that is applied in the CSW, promoting “Human Ecology” understood as integral human development and solidarity to vulnerable groups.

Through this program, the CSW has made adjustments in its infrastructure enabling:

  • Two nursery rooms with availability at no cost equipped with lockers and refrigerators for storing breastmilk
  • A restroom module equipped with baby changing facilities
  • Two accessible toilets modules for people who require the use of wheelchairs
  • Properly identified emergency exits
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Periodic reviews of the Joint Committee on Health and Safety