BMC opens a new customer service center in Latin America

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BMC opens a new customer service center in Latin America

The new center opens employment opportunities and growth in the region.


Guadalajara Jalisco, October 26th, 2016 – BMC, the global leader in IT software, announced the opening of a new customer center in Guadalajara (Jalisco) Mexico, designed to provide personalized service and first-level support to BMC customers in Latin America. Thanks to the fast adoption of innovative BMC solutions throughout the region, the center will allow this experience offers world-class support to its customers.


Historically, BMC only offered customers service and support in English language. But since Latin America is a strategic region for BMC worldwide, the company is expanding its offerings to include services and support in Portuguese and Spanish. The center will also work with business executives, offering them more business contact.


“With the opening of this center, we not only provide a higher level of service to our customers, and gives us the opportunity to invest economically in the region, creating a setting in Guadalajara, attracting new staff which ultimately will increase the workforce in Latin America by 20 percent.” said Jason Andrew, Senior Vice President of BMC for the Americas. “It is bringing our services to a higher level by providing a better quality service, personalized and tailored to the unique needs of our customers that goes beyond IT and puts us closer to the business.”


To run the new operation, BMC will be based on the experience of Raul Mendoza, head of the Customer Service Center for Latin America.


“The new center opens an important opportunities for growth for BMC in an economy that now has thousands of companies looking to leverage digital technology as a competitive weapon,” said Raul Mendoza, director of the Center for Customer Service BMC for Latin America. “The center will initially offer a level of support in local languages, but we will quickly escalate to include additional services such as consulting, domestic sales and other resources to support the success of our customers.”


BMC also recently announced that it will triple its investment in ecosystem channels in Latin America in which BMC is lining up partners for STI direct sales teams and ensuring that partners have access to new opportunities for operations, cross-selling and expansion to help them grow their operations.


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