Committed with the Corporate Social Responsibility


Committed with the Corporate Social Responsibility

IJALTI  presents his 1st. report to show the way in which live and share the culture of Human Quality and the Social Responsability in the organization


Guadalajara, Jalisco, November 18, 2016 – The Jalisco Institute of Information Technologies (IJALTI) unveiled its 1st. Social Responsibility Report 2014 – 2015, in which it gives evidence of the way in which it lives and shares the culture of Human Quality and Social Responsibility in its organization.


This report establishes the basis of what will be the evolution of the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in IJALTI and its ecosystem of influence, and has as one of its objectives to invite reflection and action, as well as stimulate that more and more people will adopt a model of Human Quality and Social Responsibility as a form of daily work.


The Director General of IJALTI, Eduardo Chávez Ramos, comments that, having obtained certification in the CRESE Standard with an “outstanding” rating, they were motivated to remain in constant dynamics of monitoring, analysis, evaluation and reinvention of their internal processes to reflect the clarity of the objectives of the organism, as well as its commitment and congruence with the mission, vision and values that characterize them.

“In IJALTI we try to do things differently to obtain different results. We want to be a message of connection and adoption of CSR promoting more humane, fair, and forward-looking working conditions”, he explains.


Among the main objectives of IJALTI are:

  1. Promote the global competitiveness of the Jalisco IT Cluster (Cluster Manager ESCA) through the promotion of innovation as a lever for competitiveness and differentiation of Jalisco’s ICT companies.
  2. Generate business opportunities for The Cluster companies through strategic linkage.
  3. The promotion, communication and events, encourage the attraction, retention, development and conversion of ICT Talent by aligning supply with demand and promoting and adopting the CSR model in CSW companies.


Social Responsability Report:



Mario Flores López

President of the Internal Committee on

Human Quality and Social Responsibility of IJALTI

4777 2000


Source: IJALTI