Guadalajara Software Center celebrates 10 years in the IT Sector of Jalisco

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Guadalajara Software Center celebrates 10 years in the IT Sector of Jalisco

The Technology Park Guadalajara Software Center celebrated its first 10 years of providing infrastructure and world-class services for companies in the sector.


Opened on September 28th on 2006, the Software Center born in a model of co-investment between the public and private sector (Federal Government, State, the National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (CANIETI Occidente), the Jalisco Institute of Information Technology (IJALTI), and entrepreneurs in the IT sector).


The initial objective, was to have a physical environment that would allow the development and promotion of small and medium IT companies in Jalisco, to compete globally within a supportive and stable business ecosystem; favoring growth, evolution, and presence in the international market.


The CSW anniversary was celebrated last October 5th with an inaugural event of activities in which presidium were present: Mr. Raúl. E. Rendón Montemayor, Director General of Innovation, Services and Internal Trade of the Ministry of Economy; Mr. Jaime Reyes Robles, Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco; Mr. Juan Rafael Mejorada Flores, General Coordinator of Business Competitiveness representing the Secretary of Economic Development; Mr. Itzcóatl Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla, General Director of the University of Guadalajara; Mr. César Castro Rodríguez, President of CANIETI Occidente; Mr. Daniel Rodríguez Curiel, Coordinator of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco; and Mr. Julio Acevedo García, President of IJALTI; who mentioned the importance of CSW as a component of the sector and its importance nationally and internationally.


After the inaugural event, the new space of Co Working was inaugurated to offer infraestructure and IT services for entrepreneurs who want to be involved with the ecosystem, in the develop of IT projects. This space was named “Mtro. Jaime Reyes Robles”, in honor of the leadership of Mr. Reyes in the promotion of the entrepreneur ecosystem in Jalisco.


The event brought together the presidents of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco, CSW entrepreneurs and special guests.


With 10 years after its creation, in its more than 10,000 m2, it has 34 IT companies that generate more than 850 jobs and providing technological solutions and high-value services, generating synergies that allow them to present their capabilities and supply, maximizing use of its resources.


Source: IJALTI