HITSS is a company founded in 1986 and currently has a team of more than 7,000 employees in 7 countries.

HITSS has established itself as a company highly specialized in the development, implementation, consulting and integration of information technology. We have practical application management and advisory practices such as: productivity solutions, analytical solutions and infrastructure solutions.

With our broad and robust portfolio of practices and services, HITSS is an ideal ally to help you define and support your strategies , making your business more intelligent, productive and efficient, minimizing risks and costs.


CMMI DEV nivel 5 Fábrica de SW Aguascalientes - 2005

CMMI DEV nivel 5 Fábrica de SW Querétaro - 2005

CMMI DEV nivel 3 Fábrica de SW Brasil - 2012

Norma IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ISO / IEC 20000:2011 - 2014

Norma NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2008 / ISO 9001:2008 - 2005


  • Financial and Insurance Services

  • Corporate

  • Telco