Promoting the IT talent in Jalisco


Promoting the IT talent in Jalisco

The IT Drivers Survey has the objective to encourage the IT talent in Jalisco.


Guadalajara Jalisco, January 23, 2016- As a result of the information obtained in the IT Talent Study 2.0 published by IJALTI at the end of 2016, which revealed important facts about the profile, level of specialization required, as well as opportunities and labor demand in the sector; last January 23, the IT Drivers Survey was applied to more than 300 people who make up the Software Center community, with the purpose of understanding the reasons that motivates this community of engineers and developers to stay in a IT company or search out for better opportunities.


In this way, the opinions of the participants will help the cluster to generate strategies to guarantee the development and permanence of IT talent in Jalisco, contributing to their professional development, providing optimal working conditions.


With this in mind, the IJALTI will promote the competitiveness of the IT sector in Jalisco.


The strategies will be developed by IJALTI in connection with the government, the industry and the academy to impact on this macro strategy of the sector.


In order to extend the invitation to developers and graduates from careers related to the IT  who are working in companies outside the CSW, we share the link to survey. Let us know your opinion.